Exploring Our Environs in Istanbul

 Haydarpaşa Railway Station

David was on holiday this past week, so we decided to explore our environs, which also gave me a chance to practise my new passion, photography. One of the places we visited was Haydarpaşa Railway Station. Every time we take a ferry we pass this magnificent building, but we have never taken a closer look until now.

A train, waiting to depart for stations in the east.

The Haydarpaşa Railway Station was designed by German architects on the initiative of Kaiser Wilhelm II, as a gift for the Emperor; although it was really part of Germany's plan to dominate the trade routes between West and East. The first trains left Haydarpasa Station on August 19, 1908, and enabled a link between Berlin and Baghdad. The railway was used extensively to move troops during WWI, until it was bombed in 1917.

The ornate booking hall, richly decorated.

The building, built in the neoclassical-style, is very grand with its circular turrets and Baroque decorations. The inside is also very ornate, and beautifully decorated with floral motifs. The station is built on the edge of the Bosphorus, just behind the Haydarpaşa ferry port. Between the two, there is a magnificent old steam engine, recalling the good old days of rail travel, when passengers from the Orient Express crossed the Bosphorus to travel on to Baghdad.

The old steam engine outside the station.

The promenade on Burgazada.

Boats in harbour on Kaniliada

On another day we crossed over to Kaniliada, one of the Princes' Islands, as this was one island David had yet to visit. We were a little confused as to which island was which, so we ended up on Burgazada first, then had to transfer back again to Kaniliada. Once there we set off to explore. Kaniliada is much smaller and quieter than the other Princes' Islands, especially now that the summer houses are empty of their seasonal residents.

A tree-lined avenue on Kaniliada

We walked along tree-lined avenues, seeing very few people. It was very peaceful. As we climbed higher, all we could hear was birdsong and the rustling of leaves in the sea breeze. Then we came across a church. We discovered that it was the Armenian Orthodox Church of St Gregory the Enlightener. It is a beautiful building that looks as if it has been recently restored, and serves the large Armenian community on the island.

The Armenian Orthodox Church of St Gregory, the Enlightener.

During the week, we also explored Kadiköy and Moda, and visited the Santralistanbul Museum, but these will have to wait for another post!

We often pass this balloon in Kadiköy.
One fine day I want to go up in it to take photos.

Every time I travel on a ferry, I try to take pictures of seagulls in flight. 
They are very hard to capture, but I have one at last!

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