Lunch at Angela's

While the fire was blazing at Haydarpaşa Railway Station, we were having lunch with Angela on Büyükada. We had such a happy and relaxing day meeting some of Angela's friends, and enjoying her hospitality.

Angela's welcoming front door on Büyükada

 Selin and Ciğdem show Kaya one of their published books.

Selin and  Ciğdem are researchers of historic buildings in Istanbul. When they have completed a project, they publish their findings in book form for the owner of the property. Their books are beautifully illustrated, and a wonderful record of their work.

Here we are enjoying a coffee after a wonderful meal.

Thank you Angela for a great day, we had a wonderful time.

On the way to Angela's house, we came across these two men mending a leak in a roof. They were three stories high, with no visible means of support, and certainly no safety equipment if they had inadvertently set fire to the roof! 'Elf and Safety? What's that?


  1. Hello Lizzy. Just having a catch up on some of your happenings. lovely photos and lots of information. have wondered about that building. What a shame about the fire.


  2. Hi Raewyn. Yes, the fire was very sad, and there are all sorts of conspiracy rumours flying around. I passed the station yesterday and I see they have begun repairing it. They have a long haul before it is restored to its former glory.

  3. Hi Elizabeth. Thank you for following The Alchemy of Chance on twitter. Gorgeous blog. Lots of opportunity for me to indulge in vicarious adventure.


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