Christmas in Zimbabwe

Alfresco lunch at Christmas time.

Christmas at Chitora reminded me of all those times the family spent together there, I was only sorry that there couldn't have been more of us; but, spread as we are all over the globe, that would be a difficult wish to fulfil.  Christmas in Zimbabwe means summer, alfresco lunches, fun and laughter. This year the summer has been slow to start, with lots of rain. This does means, however that the vegetation is looking very lush and green. I suppose one cannot have everything!

Irene decorated the table for our Christmas Eve dinner

We had our main Christmas dinner, with turkey and all the trimmings, on Christmas Eve, up at the main house. Irene decorated the table, and Sue and Jen provided a magnificent spread. Even Marty helped with the cooking!

Marty checking that all is well with the meal.

Bubby, Flo and Sue ready to enjoy Christmas Dinner

We exchanged presents on Christmas Day

On Christmas Day, Bubby led a short service before we exchanged presents. We had such a happy Christmas, full of joy and camaraderie. We just wish everyone could have been there to enjoy it with us.

Brian, Séan and Tim opening their presents

Bubby and Tammy with Findley

My birthday came shortly after Christmas and we celebrated it with a magnificent farmhouse breakfast, followed by a picnic out on the lands. I felt very special!

My Birthday Picnic on the flat rock, out in the bush.

Jen, Marty and Penny

Irene took lots of photos

Tammy helping Jen with her new camera.

Something quite large has been feasting here! 
These could be the remains of a civet cat

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