First Stop Harare, Zimbabwe

Our flight from Istanbul to Jo'burg went to plan, and David and I were able to meet up with Margy and Bernard in time for our flight to Zimbabwe. On arrival in Harare, there was a slight hiccough when the electricity failed, causing the baggage carousel to stop before we had secured our cases. But as no one else seemed too perturbed, we all just hung about until power was restored and we were able to leave the airport - welcome to Zimbabwe!!! Outside, we were met by Candiss, waiting to take us home to Tim and Flo's, and Terry, Lauren and Brian William, waiting to take Margy and Bernard back to Chitora.

Flo's garden was looking beautiful

There have been good rains in Zimbabwe this year and Flo's garden was looking very lush and green. This is such a tranquil spot that, if it wasn't for the far distant hum of city traffic, you could be deep in the countryside. We slept really well while staying with Tim and Flo, lulled by the sound of crickets, and the occasional tree-frog.

During our forays to Borrowdale Village we were really impressed by the vast range of goods for sale, even more than last year. It seemed that there is nothing you can't buy in Zimbabwe now, although at a premium. The American Dollar is still the main currency, although I have never seen such filthy notes anywhere else in the world - especially the one dollar notes - they were so disgusting that we didn't even want to put them in our wallets, and we were forever washing our hands.

I was intrigued to see this old post box in Borrowdale Village, 
dating from Southern Rhodesian days

We also visited Goliath Safaris' new premises. Last year, Flo showed us the building she was renovating to house their Harare offices. It has been transformed, as you can see from last year's and this year's photos!

 Flo's Offices 2009

 Same premises transformed, 2010

On Thursday night, Paddy and Irene came to dinner with Vic and Gwen,with whom they were staying. We had such an entertaining evening, everyone was in such good spirits. On Friday we began our journey to Leopard Rock in the Vumba, stopping off at Drifters, but that's another post.

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