In Loving Memory of Jennifer Calderwood

Jenny as we remember, her with Barry on the left and Polly 
on the right, at Peterhouse Speech Day, November 2009

We were all very sad to hear that Jenny Calderwood finally had lost her valiant battle with cancer. It is so hard to believe she has gone, especially as we had seen her only the previous year, looking the picture of health at the Peterhouse Speech Day.

Jenny was surrounded by the flowers that she loved

Jen's funeral was held in her beautiful garden at the Rector's Lodge in Peterhouse, on December 22. Sue did the catering and was asked to cater for 200 people, she decided that 300 would be more appropriate, but ended up sending out for more supplies as more than 500 people gathered together to say farewell to Jen, even though it was the Christmas holidays and many people were away. The bush telegraph works well in Africa!

Dr Kevin Martin led the service

Gracious Mandengu organised the choir from her church

A duet played for us during the lunch

Sue organised a magnificent lunch

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