Shongweni Farmers' Market

 Jane, Jordan, and Shannon stroll through the market

Judging from the early start of the Shongweni Farmers' Market, shoppers must be keen enough to arise at dawn in this part of South Africa. Turn over for some extra shut-eye and you'll miss it altogether. Shongweni is in Kwa Zulu Natal, not far from Durban, and the market is renowned for its fresh and home-made produce, as well as its crafts section. It runs from 6 am to 10 am every Saturday, and it is well worth getting there early, as one needs to have time to browse all the stalls and savour the mouth-watering produce.

We stopped by the pet stall so the children could see the animals

This strange-looking creature is an angora goat

The Shongweni Farmers' Market attracts visitors from far and wide, and many people go there to breakfast with friends and family as a special treat at the weekend. This is a wonderful place to buy organic produce like hormone-free meat and free-range chicken and duck eggs; as well as a wonderful selection of farm-fresh fruit and vegetables, cheeses, olive oils, and home-made pickles, conserves, bread and cakes.

 We came across some Zimbabweans, selling their metalwork animals.

We loved these hats. Jane bought the blue one, second from the left, and I bought a black and white striped one.

Although the Shongweni Farmers' Market began as a place to buy healthily produced food, it has expanded to add crafts as well. There is so much on offer that one could easily come away laden down with all sorts of exciting finds. Unfortunately, Jordan wasn't feeling quite well, so we had to cut our visit short, but it is definitely on my itinerary for next time.

Homeward bound. Jane is wearing my hat, while
Shannon is wearing Jane's.


  1. Love the last photo! You should have got Shannon a hat - she really suits that one! xx

  2. Yes, I think she looks terribly smart. In fact, she does have a collection of stylish hats, although one more will never go amiss!


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