Spider-Man's Third Birthday

Spider-man, Jordan, throws his web.

Jordan loves the comic-book hero, Spider-Man, so it was no surprise that this was the theme for his third birthday party. He was especially delighted to receive a Spider-Man swimming costume from Jane's friend, Heather, and proudly wore it for his pool-side party. All the children has such fun and they swam all afternoon, and on into the evening (although, I must confess, the water was far too cold for me to even think about venturing in!).

The children enjoyed the pool

Jordan loves swimming

...and so does Shannon.

Travis tried to run across the pool!

Heather is famous for her baking, and even came up with a Spider-Man cake to round off the celebrations. Jordan thoroughly enjoyed his day and he was a very tired but happy little boy when he eventually went to bed!

Heather's Spider-Man Cake

Jordan loved his cake

...and wanted to cut it all by himself, but Jane insisted on helping him.
(Guess what the dads were trying to watch on television?) 

Heather shared out the cake.

Spider-Man's mother, the lovely Jane!


  1. Hi Elizabeth! It all looks so fabulous. Is Jane your daughter? When are you coming back? You are coming back??? Would completely understand if not.

    lv from all of us in Istanbul


  2. Yes, this is my daughter, Jane. I will be back in Istanbul on February 4. However, don't blink, as I am off to Australia at the beginning of March. I hope we can catch up, I haven't seem you for ages! xx


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