The Wedding at Leopard Rock

The Wedding Party

We first heard the singing of African voices. Then they appeared, striding over the hill in close formation like a Zulu Impi. Lynne in front, supported by her two sons, with her maids of honour just behind, and followed closely by the Choir of Africa University. It was an amazing sight and brought a tear to many an eye.

The Choir of Africa University

Guests waiting for the wedding party to arrive

We had gathered together by the golf course's 17th hole, otherwise known as "World's View", because of its stunning vista. Brian and Lynne held their civil wedding on Thursday in Mutare, so today's celebration was for the affirmation of their vows before family and friends.

Lynne and Brian exchanged vows

Brian engaged a singer to come all the way from Scotland to sing especially for Lynne, as an acknowledgement of her Scottish ancestry.

...in return, the Africa University Choir sang a song of greeting to Brian

As well as the many friends, the wedding brought together four families; Brian and Lynne's immediate families; Brian's late wife, Sheelagh's family, and Lynne's late husband, Dave's family - so at times there were bitter-sweet memories - but everyone was unanimous in that we were all there to support Brian and Lynne in their new life together.

The Coughlan Clan (well, at least those who could be there!)

The ceremony was followed by a sumptuous dinner at the Leopard Rock Hotel with live music and dancing. This was truly a wonderful occasion!

It was so lovely to see the nephews and nieces

There was even an exotic dancer to entertain us

More family fun!

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