An Evening with Billy and Judy

Drinks on the patio at Billy and Judy's

We all went to Billy and Judy's house on the day we visited the Shongweni Farmers' Market. We were delighted that Barbara was going to be there, but we were really pleased to find Mary there as well. We were meant to go for tea, followed by drinks, but we found Barbara's explanations of Reiki so interesting, that the time flew by and we ended up having dinner there as well.

Judy teaches Shannon a forward somersault, 
but Jordan can't wait for his turn!

This is how you do it!

 Cartwheels too!

Judy is amazing, she not only whipped up dinner for all of us, apparently from thin air, but also managed to entertain Shannon and Jordan by teaching them somersaults and cartwheels. It's always a fun evening at Billy and Judy's.

The following Monday was Sean's birthday and Viv and Lindsay cooked a magnificent curry for us in  celebration. Unfortunately, Gary had to miss this occasion as he was on duty that night. I think we left some curry for him, but it was so delicious that we ate loads, so I cannot be sure.

Viv and Lindsay cooked a magnificent curry.

Sean really enjoyed his birthday

Shannon watched some of Gary's National Geographic DVDs

...and Jordan watched too!

Gary ready for duty.

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