Carnival Night at Ellerston.

 Katelyn had lots of fun on the babies' Bouncy Castle!

The Kerry Packer Challenge Cup is being played at Ellerston at the moment, and while the tournament is going on there are all sorts of entertainment events to keep the participants and spectators amused. On Saturday, we had great fun at the Carnival Night, followed by a delicious BBQ. There were Dodgem Cars, two Bouncy Castles, a sheer drop of a slide, and a Bucking Bull, so there was plenty to keep everyone amused.

Suzi had lots of fun too. Here she is lining up with the children for a turn on the  terrifyingly high slide. If you look really carefully, you can see Katelyn on the Bouncy Castle behind, being watched by her beloved Daddy.

Yes, that's Suzi on the right.

Suzi also rode on the dodgem cars while 
Granny and Katelyn cheered her on from the side.

...and then she took a turn on the Bucking Bull, 
while Neil and Katelyn watched.

Jack found the secret to staying on was to hook your feet
under the bull's horns!

The food was cooked on an enormous outdoor BBQ

Katelyn loved the Bouncy Castle, but even she got off eventually!


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