Our visit to Melbourne

Lauren with Findlay

Suzi, Katelyn and I flew to Melbourne to stay with Lauren and Findlay. Steven was working away in Orange, but he joined us on the Thursday, along with Brian, who had flown in for the weekend from New Zealand. Katelyn and Findlay hit it off immediately, and it was great to see the two cousins playing together (or should that be "first cousins once removed", as Lauren and Suzi are first cousins).

Katelyn loved playing with Rigs, Lauren's Rhodesian Ridgeback.

Children play while the Mums drink coffee

Lauren introduced us to the Melbourne coffee culture. Many cafés in Melbourne have playgrounds attached so that the children can play while the mothers socialise.

Findlay enjoyed the sandpit...

...while Katelyn played on the slide.

After coffee, we went to a book shop where they regularly have entertainment for children in the form of songs and readings from books.

The story book lady.

Suzi and Katelyn at story-time

Findlay is such a happy little boy!

Lauren looked after us very well and I knew Suzi was in good hands as I left to fly to Mt Gambier to visit an old school friend, but more of that in my next post.


  1. Wow,doesn't Findlay just look like Brian William!!

  2. lovely photos of Findlay and Katelyn!

  3. ...and they are not only lovely looking, they are both incredibly intelligent too!


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