Travel to Mt Gambier (Part 2)

Mount Schank

On one of our trips out, we decided to tackle the Mount Schank walking trail. This is a series of steps cut into the slopes of an extinct volcano. Unfortunately, Mair and I failed to reached the top, although Paul managed it. The problem was that the actual steps became higher and higher as we neared the top. As both Mair and I are somewhat lacking in height, we found climbing onto the steps quite taxing, so we decided to give up and just admire the view.

The area is so flat, we could see for miles.

We also visited Beachport, which has the second longest jetty in South Australia at 722 metres. It was intended to be the longest, at 4000 metres, when it was originally begun in 1878, but various construction problems resulted in the remaining remnant. Beachport is in a natural harbour, which enabled it to be settled as a whaling station in the 1830s, and the safe haven for fishermen it has become today.

Beachport Jetty

I was fascinated to see this tiny old cinema in Beachport. It is still in use, 
although I am not sure how many patrons can fit in.

From Beachport, we drove past salt water lagoons to Robe. In Australian terms, this also has a long history, going back to the 1840s, and by the look of it, very little has changed since then. It is a charming little seaside town with wonderful stretches of beach.

We walked along the beach front to the harbour...

...and then to the old customs house, dating from 1863. 

Town records note that, Henry Melville, the first Harbour Master, voiced the need for speedy customs turnaround to prevent ships being caught in the "treacherous winds of the bay". In later times, the building was used as the town's Council Chambers, and is now a museum.

I had a great time visiting my friends in Mt Gambier. Thank you so much, Mair and Paul. You gave me such a wonderful introduction to Mt Gambier and the surrounding area, that I hope I behaved well enough for you to allow me back one day!


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