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Neil (extreme right) played for the winning PIM team.

When we returned from Melbourne, there was another Ellerston polo tournament. This time, Neil played in the 8 goal tournament for the PIM (Paradice Investment Management) team , and we were so proud when his team surged to victory in the final against RBS Morgans.

 This was the best pony of the match

Stomping in divots in between chukkas. Katelyn is running 
across the field, 4th from the left.

Normally, after polo games at Ellerston, a machine comes out to smooth the divots kicked up by the horses, but this time there were so many matches that people power was needed. Katelyn was delighted to be allowed on the field and took the opportunity to race off across the grass with a little friend. They thought it was hilariously funny when they had to be caught and brought back.

Katelyn, thoroughly enjoying herself.

Laura and Suzi enjoying the polo.

Suzi, Neil and Katelyn live in idyllic surroundings on the Ellerston property, but it has its drawbacks. I looked out onto the patio one day and saw the cat attacking a large, writhing snake. Later, we found a dead baby snake that we presumed the cat had killed. General consensus was that it was a tiger snake.

 The long drive to Suzi's and Neil's house.

The baby Tiger Snake

These are very aggressive venomous snakes with a potentially fatal bite. They generally give birth to between 12 to 40 live young, so its brothers and sisters were somewhere nearby. It's no wonder that Suzi doesn't allow Katelyn to play in the garden unless strictly supervised!

Katelyn is such a happy child

She loves playing on a slide

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