Istanbul People

Under summer skies, the Bosphorus becomes a beautiful blue.
I love travelling by ferry across the water.

With 20 million inhabitants, Istanbul is full of interesting people. On a recent trip to the Grand Bazaar, with friends Angela and Füsun, I was fascinated by the Istanbulus going about their daily work. They are great subjects for photographers, and, although there is the occasional one who doesn't want their photo taken, most are only too delighted to be asked.

My companions for the day, Angela and Füsun.

This is a familiar sight in Istanbul, a man carving slices of meat for kebabs.

This man is carrying simit, a crusty bread covered in sesame seeds.

Simit is a popular snack in Istanbul, and there are many 
small stalls selling them, as well as mobile sellers like the two above,
who cater for the market people who cannot leave their pitches.

This lady works in a café in the flower market behind the Spice Bazaar. 
She is rolling out pastry circles, possibly for gözleme 
(rather like a grilled stuffed pancake).

When I took the shot of the lady above, 
the cafe owner demanded to have his photo taken too!

Istanbul is inspiring! I love being here.

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