A Cold, Wet, and Windy East Anglia, England

It's a summer's day in July, and the weather is cold and damp, I can only be in England! Although, to be fair, the miserable conditions are only here, in East Anglia. The weather forecast for the rest of the country is dry and sunny. Just my luck!

Jessica, second from the right, sets off in the 100m sprint.

Notwithstanding the weather, we had fun at Jessica's school sports day. Jessica enjoyed taking part, and Clare won the mother's race (not entirely unexpectedly). We also had delicious strawberry and cream scones for tea.

Jessica carefully balances her egg on the spoon,
as she races to the finish.

Jessica runs her hardest in the relay.

Clare, second from the right, sets off
in the mother's skipping race.

Clare romps home ahead of the rest.

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