The IWI and German Club Cruise up the Bosphorus

 Our vessel, with the captain on the bridge
Cruising along the Bosphorus is a wonderful way to escape the heat and bustle of the city. On Thursday, I joined the IWI (International Women of Istanbul) and German Club's boat trip. During the summer months there is a tour every Thursday, all the way along the Bosphorus to a sheltered bay near the opening to the Black Sea.

 Once we had moored in the bay, Naz wasted no time 
before diving in to the clear, green water.

Naz was quickly joined by others

Here's a crab, plucked from the sea floor...

...and a fistful of conch shells, 
(yes, that is a man - husbands are welcome too!)

Everyone is asked to bring something to contribute towards lunch or afternoon tea, and as a result, the variety of food is amazing. We all had a marvelous day, although I must confess to having eaten way too much as everything was so delicious!

Relaxing after a delicious lunch.

At teatime, we just had to sample every single offering,
it was our social duty!

Teatime was a serious affair, we just had to try all those cakes!

Homeward bound at the end of a glorious day.

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