uShaka Marine World, Durban

Entrance to uShaka Marine World, Durban.

When we visited uShaka Marine World in Durban, the day was cold, windy and overcast. The upside to this was that there were few other visitors, so we were free to stroll around at will, unimpeded. uShaka Marine World is a vast complex of over 15 hectares (37 acres). We didn't have time to cover everything, so we confined our visit to Sea World, which has the largest aquarium in the southern hemisphere, housed in a very realistic recreation of a 1920s shipwreck.

The replica 1920s wreck looks very convincing, both inside and out.

I don't know what kind of fish this is, but it was HUGE!

Shannon was fascinated by the fish, although rather a little scared.

Jordan was intrigued by the sea turtles.

I agree with Jordan, it's amazing watching the turtles swimming underwater.

There were lots of weird sea creatures (that's not a rock bottom left!)

We were there at feeding time, when the divers take to the aquariums.
This diver was putting morsels of fish into the mouth of a stingray.

From the aquarium, we went to see the dolphin show. Excitement mounted 
as the drummer announced the beginning of the entertainment.

The dolphins performed for us, they were delightful to watch

...and were rewarded with food.

Afterwards, they showed their appreciation by wagging their tails!

We all had such fun at the uShaka Marine World in Durban. It was a great end to our stay. The next day, David and I flew back to Istanbul. Here's to the next time! Thank you Jane, Sean, Shannon and Jordan.


The Shongweni Farmers' Market, KZN

 Hand-woven baskets for sale at the Shongweni Farmers' Market KZN

We made an early start last Saturday, in order to get to the Shongweni Farmers' Market. Open only between 6 and 10 am, this popular market is well worth a visit. The range of goods and produce on sale is amazing, and very good value.

We bought some delicious pesto and dips 
from this delightful Greek gentleman

All sorts of enterprising people have stalls in the market

...you don't even have to have large quantities to sell

There were even some owls, and other small creatures, exhibited
by an animal rescue centre, looking for donations

Jane and the children went to look at a magnificent metal rhino, among other animals and birds, being sold by some Zimbabwean entrepreneurs

Shannon enjoyed a cream cake

...and so did Jordan!

There are also buskers to entertain the crowds

We thought this young violinist was rather enterprising

...possibly recruited by his elder brother!

Overall, Shongweni Farmers' Market is a great place to visit on a Saturday morning in Kwa Zulu Natal. I hope I get to go again next time I visit Jane and family!


Tiger Fishing on the Zambezi River, Zimbabwe

From left back: Martin, Terry, Tim, Paddy - and in front, Brian and David.

During our first week in Southern Africa, David went up to Zimbabwe for a fishing trip with his four brothers, Paddy, Tim, Terry and Martin, plus brother-in-law, Brian. They flew from Harare Domestic Airport, early in the morning, to the tiny Chekwenya airstrip, down in the Zambezi Valley. From there, they were driven to the mighty Zambezi River, where their boat was waiting for them to start fishing immediately.

Martin caught the first fish of the trip (11 lbs in weight)

David made the second catch, weighing in at 10 lbs

Their camp was further down river at Shamashanga, where they arrived at dusk. The camp is a tented camp, with 8 en-suite two-man tents, a central dining area and a campfire area. Luckily, they had the camp to themselves as there were no other visitors for the duration of their stay.

One of the tents at Shamashanga, 
with the veranda overlooking the Zambezi.

Each day they stopped off for a braai lunch, on islands in the river

In the evenings, they dined in the camp's dining room

...followed by relaxation around the camp fire.

Sometimes they stopped to watch game. David said that there were vast numbers of elephant, hippo and crocodile in the area.

Enjoying a braai, with their boat skippers.

Tim got to celebrate his birthday during the fishing week. He was presented with a birthday cake - made from elephant dung!

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