The Shongweni Farmers' Market, KZN

 Hand-woven baskets for sale at the Shongweni Farmers' Market KZN

We made an early start last Saturday, in order to get to the Shongweni Farmers' Market. Open only between 6 and 10 am, this popular market is well worth a visit. The range of goods and produce on sale is amazing, and very good value.

We bought some delicious pesto and dips 
from this delightful Greek gentleman

All sorts of enterprising people have stalls in the market

...you don't even have to have large quantities to sell

There were even some owls, and other small creatures, exhibited
by an animal rescue centre, looking for donations

Jane and the children went to look at a magnificent metal rhino, among other animals and birds, being sold by some Zimbabwean entrepreneurs

Shannon enjoyed a cream cake

...and so did Jordan!

There are also buskers to entertain the crowds

We thought this young violinist was rather enterprising

...possibly recruited by his elder brother!

Overall, Shongweni Farmers' Market is a great place to visit on a Saturday morning in Kwa Zulu Natal. I hope I get to go again next time I visit Jane and family!


  1. Yes, they can be very entertaining. Maybe I can take photos of the Istanbul street musicians, now I am back in Istanbul.


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