AWAI Workshop in Murano and Burano, Venice

 We visited a glass factory in Murano, to watch how the glass 
is melted, blown and shaped

On this day, we travelled to the islands of Murano and Burano. Murano is just like a miniature Venice, and was one of the first lagoon islands to be permanently inhabited. It became the centre for glass-making in 1291, when the Senate declared the industry to be a fire-hazard for the city of Venice. This move had an added benefit of keeping all the master glass makers and their manufacturing secrets in one place, ensuring Venice's monopoly in the production of glass-ware.So much so, that every mirror made in Europe during the 14th century was made in Venice.

I loved this glass snail

The canals on Murano are just like the city of Venice itself

This is a close-up of the glass sculpture seen under the tower above

There were amazing glass sculptures everywhere on the island, 
I especially liked these glass ducks and drakes

Our next stop was Burano. This picturesque island dazzles in multicoloured hues of brightly painted house. This island was settled by fishermen, who prospered from the abundant fish they found in the lagoons. While the men were away, the women developed the art of lace-making, and the island has become famous for the quality of their lace. Legend has it that the unusual colours of the houses was to enable the fishermen to identify their homes after long periods at sea, although it does seem rather unlikely.

A row of brightly coloured houses along a canal


This one would be easy to spot...

...and so would this one!

Some hand-made Burano lace

That evening, we had a group photo review back at the hotel. It was great fun looking at everyone's photos and seeing how we had all done. This really is a wonderful way to improve one's skills as a photographer.


  1. Hi Elizabeth! Looks as if you have had an amazing experience in Venice! Lucky you! Great photos! See you soon!

  2. It was so worthwhile, I learned so much! I haven't seen you for ages, Claudia. Where have you been hiding? I thought I would see you at the IWI open day.


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