Photographing Istanbul (Day 1)

Boats in harbour, on the Sea of Marmara 

Recently we had the pleasure of a visit by our friend, photographer Jerry Newsome, from Georgia, USA. Jerry and I spent the whole week he was here, photographing many of the iconic sights of Istanbul. We began soon after his arrival by venturing down to the promenade along the Sea of Marmara, with our cameras, of course, not wanting to miss anything within range of our lenses.

We were blessed with beautiful weather, and saw people fishing, 
and generally enjoying the sunshine

We walked all the way to Bostancı, and then back down to Kızıltoprak, snapping away as we went, stopping only to have some gözleme and Turkish tea in a little seaside café.


We enjoyed photographing the bird-life...

...and people too!

Jerry getting down to his work!

We stayed to photograph the setting sun...

...and were rewarded by a stunning sky!


  1. Hi Elizabeth! I heard you were back and now I see that you are! What lovely photos! I was sorry to miss the workshop the other day. How did you manage it???

  2. It was rather long and convoluted! Took me ages! But I did enjoy the meeting once I got there. Next time we must make a plan and go together.


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