Christmas Day on Büyükada

We saw this family of cats as we climbed the hill to Angela's house.

I managed to rally from my flu-like condition on Christmas morning, and was able to sail across to Büyükada for A wonderful Christmas Day lunch with Angela, Korhan and family. We met Petra and Saïd on the ferry and walked up to the house. It's just as well we did, as we needed the exercise, given the wonderful array of food we were about to consume.

Korhan opened the champagne...

...while Benjamin handed round the delicious aperitifs

Sibel and Earle entertained us with stories of their work in far flung places...

...and David thoroughly enjoyed himself

The meal was delicious and the company excellent

Petra and Benjamin were sitting to to Sibel's right...
Nisa was between Earle and Said...

...and Korhan sat at the head of the table and carved the two geese
...while angela ensured that everything was perfect.

Thank you everyone for such a splendid Christmas day.

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