Photography Day 4: The Bosphorus

 We set sail from Eminönü

Cruising up the Bosphorus is one of my favourite ways to spend a day in Istanbul, and we wanted Jerry to enjoy this experience while he had the opportunity. On the dockside in Eminönü, tourists are often badgered by touts offering Bosphorus Cruises, but these only offer a short trip as far as the second bridge, at extortionate prices. The best way to see Istanbul from the Bosphorus is by taking the Istanbul Deniz Otobüsleri (IDO). So, it was there, at the ferry dock by the Galata Bridge, that David, Jerry and I met up with our friends, Gina and Ron, for a day out on the Bosphorus.

Jerry took this photo of Gina and me taking photos from the rail of the ship. That must be me on the right, it can't possibly be me on the left!!

On both sides of the Bosphorus is a wonderful array of palaces and other remarkable residences, so we photographers happily snapped away as we sailed.

Dolmabahce Palace has a special place in the hearts of Turkish people. 
It was here that the founder of the Turkish Republic, 
Kemal Ataturk, lived and died.

Ataturk's yacht, the Savarona, is moored in the Bosphorus.

As we sailed along, the seagulls flew overhead

Our destination was Anadolu Kavağı, near the entrance to the Black sea, where we enjoyed a leisurely, delicious fish lunch, before our return trip along the Strait.

The little fishing village of Anadolu Kavağı

Ever since a man on a dolmus waved a TL100 bill and pointed to Jerry and the picture of Ataturk, we have noticed the likeness. Gina took this picture so we could compare. It is extraordinary!

 Passengers wanting to embark from Sariyer. Notice the complete lack of any health and safety features ...but no one fell in!

We saw this extraordinary vessel being moved by tugs along the Bosphorus. Please can anyone tell us what it is used for?

We had such a wonderful day. I will never tire of taking that trip. I hope Jerry enjoyed it as much as I did, and that he got some great shots!

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