Jessica in Istanbul

 It was very cold in Istanbul, so Jessica was wrapped up warmly

I collected Jessica from England and brought her to Istanbul for 10 days, while Clare moved to Italy to begin her new job with the European Commission Research Station. We had such fun together. Jessica is so easy to entertain, she never complains or makes a fuss. She is quite delightful.

We went with Angela to the Grand Bazaar, and to Şark Han, an amazing emporium of goods imported from India and China; no doubt keeping up the ancient trade that travelled back and forth along the old Silk Road.

At the Grand Bazaar, we learned new ways to tie scarves.  Here is Angela, modelling an elegant knot.

We also went to the hairdresser where Jessica had her hair trimmed. We were fascinated to see how he did the parting. I tried to recreate it at home, 
but it never looked the same again!

One day, we went to Büyükada to have lunch with Angela, and afterwards rode around the island in a pony and phaeton. Fortunately, Angla provided us with blankets, as it was freezing cold and trying to snow!

At the end of the ride, the good-natured driver let 
Jessica sit in the driver's seat...

...and then sat her on one of the horses.

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