Photo Trek to Vefa and Tahtahkale, Istanbul

Şehzade Mosque

Becca joined me for a trek to Vefa and Tahtahkale with the Photography Club of Istanbul. This was on the European side of the Bosphorus, so we had to make and early start. The treks are great fun and an incentive to really concentrate on photo techniques.

We began our trek at the Şehzade Mosque, and then walked down through the narrow streets, trying to capture the essence of this old area of Istanbul.

We found the Boza Maker. 

In Turkey, boza is a popular fermented millet drink, rich in Carbohydrates and vitamins. It is thick, rather like condensed milk, and is definitely an acquired taste, you either love it or hate it.

The area we walked through was a poor neighbourhood, mostly inhabited by Kurds, the women especially distinctive in their colourful dress.

We came across a group who were linking rings into chains for sale.

...and others sitting in the street chatting

A Kurdish child looked curiously at us from a doorway

It was encouraging to see that some of the houses are being renovated

The distinctive design of these old Ottoman houses was to enable the women to see up and down the street without revealing themselves.

We ended up in the colourful streets behind the Spice Bazaar

...where Becca was offered some Balklava to taste


  1. Hiya! That whole area is great, isnt it? Great pics, Elizabeth! How are you anyway?? Missing you!

  2. So enjoyed our lunch last week. Hope to see you on Thursday.


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