AWAI Stock Photography Workshop, Paris, Day 2

On day 2, we hit the metro system and headed for Place du Trocadéra.

 Louis looked very dapper while riding in the metro
 on the way to the venue

We set up our cameras on tripods opposite the Eiffel Tower, ready to shoot our models, Allison and Louis. We were an attraction in ourselves, as lots of tourists took photos of us as we worked. They soon turned their attentions onto our models, however, and began snapping them too. Louis and Allison were great. They were cheerful all morning, while we took endless photos of them as they moved from one location to another.

This shows the problem of trying to shoot when people are milling around,
Louis appears to be growing a third leg!

Our task was to photograph people in natural light. The weather had been pretty miserable up to then, and a cloudy day would have suited us fine as we were shooting late morning. As luck would have it, the sun came out and the very bright conditions were very challenging.

Louis and Allison worked very hard for us...

...and they kept smiling the whole time!

We paused as a wedding photographer arranged his clients...

...and as this guy lept into the shot to have his photo taken

Shelly, Louis, and Lise, taking a well-earned break

Louis made me laugh, I almost expected him to break into a tap routine!

We had such fun shooting that day. After the afternoon feed-back session, we attendees went off for dinner and a glass or two of wine, before collapsing into our respective beds. Exhausted, but happy!

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