Photo Club Trek to Iznik (Day 2)

The next day, we visited the villages of Tacir and Ömerli, also in the heights above Iznik. It was interesting to see that all the villages we visited had a unique flavour of their own, although we still passed goats on the way.

The houses in Tacir were nestled close together, cascading down the hillside

We photographed the village from every angle

We saw more men here, than we did in the village of Sansarak

This happy lady was busy sewing

This village also had its family bread ovens

Our next stop was the village of Ömerli. This village, although now faded, showed signs of a former glory. In the past, it was an important part of the silk trade, and the merchants operated from here, but many of their former mansions have now fallen into disrepair.

We saw evidence of Roman ruins. Here is the top of a 
Roman column by a doorway

The village is obviously moving with the times. 
Here is a solar panel on a village roof

After exploring the villages we headed back into town for lunch at Lezzet Lokantası again. I had an Iskender Kebab. It was the best I had ever tasted in all my years in Istanbul.

After lunch we toured the ancient walls surrounding Iznik.
It is amazing that these 2000 year old walls are still standing

This is the Istanbul Gate, still used as a main thoroughfare today

The Lefke Gate is the most impressive gate, although it is no longer used for traffic. It is, however, used to carry coffins through to the cemetery beyond. A rather grand exit from the world.

This was the end of our visit, but the memories and images remain. what a great trip. I do hope we have another one soon!

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