AWAI Stock Photography Workshop, Paris, Day 3

This is me, concentrating hard on my task. Photographer, and friend, 
Jerry Newsome took this. See more of his work here.

This is another shot of the group taken by Jerry.
Bonnie, on the left, is checking up on us!

On day 3, we split up into 2 groups. One group went to an indoor model-shoot in an apartment, while the group I was in shot in natural light on the streets of Paris. Unfortunately, it kept on trying to rain, but we managed to keep our cameras dry and complete the assignment.

 First, we chose a quiet street, although people kept popping up in the background, like this road sweeper.

We then went down to the lower walk-way of the River Seine to continue our shoot. We chose a spot where we could include the Notre Dame Cathedral as our background. This was the first time I had used professional models, but our instructor, Shelly, was so patient in explaining how to get the best from the model for great shots, that everybody thoroughly enjoyed this session.

The models were great fun too, and we enjoyed getting to know them, 
and interacting with them. 

Later, we went to a cafe for a coffee, but couldn't resist continuing to shoot. Other patrons were wondering what was going on and many people wanted to know if we were photographing famous French film stars, while others got out their cameras to take photos of us taking photos! We had such a fun day!

Style is everything! (by Jerry)

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