AWAI Stock Photography Workshop, Paris Day4&5

A rainy evening in Paris

On day four, it was our turn to shoot the models in the apartment, which was just as well as it was raining. Here, Lise and Louis were there to help us. We learned about studio lighting and how to use reflectors to get the light exactly where we needed it.

Our first models were partners, so their interaction was playful, 
which helped a lot for getting ideas for our shoot.

Our other model was the beautiful Alison, 
who was so lovely and easy to work with. 

Each of us was given the opportunity to be in charge of the shoot; to direct the models and set the scene. It was quite challenging to think of how to set the scene on the spur of the moment! Lise gave us a good tip for the future. She keeps a notebook where she jots down ideas before a shoot, so she can get down to work quickly.

We tried shooting Alison in a small mirror, 
but the reflections were difficult

So we moved to a larger mirror, which was much better

That evening, Valerie and I went out to shoot Paris at sunset.

 These are the locks that lovers have attached to 
a bridge over the Seine

One side of the bridge was full of locks,
so they have started on the other side

We were taking photos of the setting sun...

...when we turned around in time to see the sun
shining on the Notre Dame Cathedral

We were getting some interesting shots, when it began to rain, so we took shelter under the awning of a nearby cafe. We hadn't thought about rain, so I had only taken my camera and tripod, and Valerie only had 15 Euro with her. We then had to decide whether to buy umberallas or wine? Umberellas or wine? ...and plumped for the wine. The rain then came down in torrents and we had to wait for a break in the weather to make a run for it back to the hotel. We got soaked, but managed to save our cameras by tucking them under our t-shirts.

Rain on a window in Paris

On day five , after all the practical work of the week, we had the opportunity to ask questions of Lise, Shelly and Louis. We also heard how we could take  a giant step forward in in finding success in our stock photography businesses. I learned such valuable lessons during the AWAI Paris Stock Photography Workshop, that I cannot thank the team enough. Shelly, Lise, Louis, and Bonnie, you were all amazing. I had the happiest time. And John and Mimi, your hospitality was second top none. I am off out to shoot some more now. Wish me luck!

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