Our IWI Neighbourhood Bosphorus Cruise

Sailing down the Bosphorus on a perfect summer's day

What could be more fun than a sunny day out on the Bosphorus with a group of friends? So, for our last IWI Moda/Kadikoy Neighbourhood coffee morning, we did just that. We cruised along, with Europe on one side, and  Asia on the other, up to the entrance of the Black Sea, where we dropped anchor and enjoyed a wonderful day.

We met at Kandili, where we waited for our boat

On the way, we saw this vintage ferry boat, out on the water

Come on in, the water's great!

Everything was provided for us; the food, the drink, the stunning view, and the inviting water. The lunch, produced by the crew, was excellent. Unfortunately, everything looked so delicious that I, for one, just got stuck in and forgot to take a photo, so you will just have to think of every type of mezze that you can imagine. The table was groaning with so much food, that we thought that was all, and everyone filled their plates. Then came the fish, freshly cooked on the outside barbecue. It was so tender and succulent that we had no trouble in pollishing that off too, helped down by a couple of glasses of wine.

Everyone was quite relaxed...

...as we sailed along the Bosphorus

Several members had brought along dessert. It looked so inviting that we couldn't say no! Fortunately, everyone swam before lunch, otherwise flotation might have been a problem after all that delicious food. It was such a happy day, and one that I, for one, will always remember with a smile.

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