The Game - Queen Tribute Band, Reno di Leggiuno

 The Game - Queen tribute band, from Milan, Italy

What a wonderful holiday we are having in Reno di Leggiuno, Italy. So much happens on this tiny stretch of beach, on the edge of Lake Maggiore. Last night we were treated to a free programme of Queen songs by "The Game" - Queen tribute band. We thoroughly enjoyed their performance, and sang along to all the numbers.

Manuel Rinoldi as Freddy Mercury. He had all the gestures, very believable!

Marco Spano plays Brain May. Marco is a great guitarist in his own right!

Each member of the band personifies the famous name they are representing, down to the smallest gesture. It was such fun. Everyone had a great time and, although the crowd was small by international standards, our little beach was packed out with cheering Queen enthusiasts, all singing their hearts out, and dancing to the music. Definitely an evening to remember.

"Freddy" with the "John Deacon" of the band

In this shot, he really could be Brian May!

The expression says it all!

Here is the final line-up. The extra on the right is the keyboard player. 
Freddy Mercury always played keyboard himself,
but this guy was amazing, so we forgive them for a little change there. 

The band are playing in Stresa tonight, so we are looking forward to hearing their music winging across the lake. Unfortunately, the ferries don't run at night, otherwise we would be there. Good luck "The Game" - Queen tribute band, I hope this evening's concert is as successful as last night's was!

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