Holidaying on Lake Maggiore, Italy

If I look my right, I see this enchanting sight

We are so lucky to be staying with our daughter, Clare, overlooking Lake Maggiore in Italy. The view from her apartment balcony is wonderful. Every day, we gaze across the lake to the mountains beyond, and watch the boats coming and going on the water, and count ourselves very fortunate to be here. We can also see the three islands belonging to the Borromee family, Isola Bella, Isola Superiore, and Isola Madre.

The beach by Clare's apartment

Looking over the balcony, I can see the beach where Clare, David and Jessica swim nearly every day. Unfortunately the lake water is far too cold for me to venture in, as it is fed from mountain streams, and is very deep (as much a 372 metres). Even though the the weather is hot, there are still snow-covered mountains visible in the distance.

The view across Lake Maggiore

Although Leggiuno is a small town, we were delighted to find it had a town band. They came to give a concert one evening, right in front of Clare's complex; and they were excellent. It reminded me so much of the band in Ondara, Spain, that Clare and Jane played in.

...and the band played on

There are players of all ages in the band. Here is the clarinet section

There is so much on offer in this area, and so many sights to see, that we will never be short of things to do. The problem is in deciding what to do first from our vast list. We are having such a wonderful time.

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