Isolas Madre and Pescatore, Lake Maggiore

 Isola Madre in Lake Maggiore

Having explored one of the Borromee Islands, we wanted to look at the others, so we set off for Isola Madre. This, the largest of the islands, has been owned by the Borromeo family since 1500. It is dominated by the 16th century palace, and its surrounding botanical gardens. Access to the gardens is through the palace, only after completing the tour. Not wanting to trail through room after room of the palace, as we did on Isola Bella, we decided to have an ice-cream instead. As always, in Italy, it was delicious!

Jessica enjoys her ice-cream

Jessica makes sure her Grandpa gets the ferry times right

We caught the next ferry and headed for Isola Superiore, 
also know as Isola Pescatore (Fishermen's Island). 

Isola Pescatore is the home of a traditional fishing village, and is the only one of the islands that is not owned by the Borromeo family. Although still inhabited by fisher families, the prime economy of the island nowadays is devolved from tourism. The island is tiny, neasuring 350 metres by 100 metres, and is considered part of the nearby city of Stresa.

We walked through the quaint, narrow streets of the island

We lunched in the Casa del Caffe Vergnano, a small establishment 
in the middle of the island, that has been running since 1882.

After lunch, we visited the church of San Vittore, 
it dates back to the 11th century

It is very easy to travel around by ferry on Lake Maggiore. Once you have your ticket to your ultimate destination, it is possible to hop on and off at will at the stops between. It's such a stress-less way to travel!


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  2. Thank you, Banu. I'm thrilled you like my photography. I also enjoy Cenk's website, Cafe Fernando!


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