Harrigan's Irish Pub, Hunter Valley NSW

Suzi and her Hens, ready to start the wine tour
I was delighted to be invited to Suzi's Hen weekend in the run-up to her wedding on the 22nd of December. I was a little worried as to what the girls might have in store, but fortunately, everything went off well and we had a delightful weekend in the Hunter Valley, New South Wales, Australia.

Nicola picked Suzi and me up, and drove us,with Aimee, to Harrigan's Irish Pub, where we were to stay the night. The pub has a definite Irish flavour, and is surrounded by beautifully laid out gardens, and lush vineyards. These, against a backdrop of distant mountains, makes for a spectacular location.

Immediately on arrival, we were taken to a dray, driven by two cart horses. This was to be our transport for the wine tour. Our first stop was for lunch. The lovely ladies had prepared a selection of dishes, which we ate in a picnic area.

These mini quiches were quite delicious

There was such a lovely selection of food for the picnic

Gingered chicken in cucumber rings, yum!
After a few spritzers, and fully fed, we began our tour. We had such fun travelling through the countryside at a leisurely pace, being pulled along by the enormous horses; then stopping to taste a selection of wines at the vineyards.

Our last stop was at the Hunter Valley Gardens, where we visited the Smelly Cheese Shop...

 ...and, of course, the Chocolate Shop.

After all that activity, we relaxed in one of the rooms, before changing for dinner.

That evening, we dined at Harrigan's, where I couldn't resist the traditional Beef and Guinness Pie. Delicious! After dinner, we went to where the band was playing and watched a spectacular firework display. I then headed for bed, to allow Suzi and her Hens to dance the night away.

Suzi and Sandee, her bridesmaid to be.

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