Family Fun in the Upper Hunter Valley, NSW


The view from Suzi and Neil's House,
in the Upper Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia

An hour along the Gundy Road from Scone, and a kilometre from the nearest house, Suzi, Neil and Katelyn live in an idyllic spot in the Upper Hunter Valley, NSW. "They really do live in the middle of nowhere!", Shannon remarked, when we finally arrived at the homestead, after collecting her and Jane from Scone Station. They had travelled to Australia from South Africa, staying overnight in Sydney, and then catching the train from there to Scone. They were the first to arrive in time for Suzi and Neil's wedding, Christmas, my 70th Birthday, and New Year's Eve, before all disappearing off again.

The cousins made friends immediately, and played together all the time.

David was the next to arrive from Turkey, followed by Clare and Jessica from Italy. Our family were together again after many years, except for our grandson, Jordan (5), who stayed with his father in South Africa. We were delighted when other members of the family arrived too. There was Brian, who travelled from New Zealand, and Lauren, Steven, Findley and Casey, who flew in from Laos. It is easy to see why we have a problem getting together!

We swam in the creek

Apart from the occasional shopping trip, an hour's drive each way over dusty farm tracks, we spent the time on simple country pleasures. We climbed the hill behind Suzi and Neil's house, swam in the creek, rode the horses, or simply enjoyed the stunning views, and the quiet and solitude of the countryside. Sleeping at night is so much easier when all you can hear is the chirping of crickets!

Katelyn rode Savanna

Shannon rode Finale

Jane also rode Finale

Katelyn led Shannon around the round yard on Savanna

Katelyn even led her mother around the yard!

...and then took Jessica for a ride. She certainly is a 
hard-working Australian country girl, considering she is only 3!

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