John and Rachel Visit Istanbul

 We were delighted to have John and Rachel to stay, even if it was only for a short time. With little time to spare, we arose early on their first morning, and took a dolmuş, followed by a ferry, to  Eminönü on the European shore. There we caught the ferry that travels the length of the Bosphorus, the 32km long strait that divides Europe and Asia. This cruise is one of the best, and most leisurely ways, to gain an overview of this great city, Istanbul.

John and Rachel look out over the Bosphorus

Arriving at the last stop, Anadolu Kavağı, we hastened to bag one of the best tables at a waterside restaurant Our fish meal was delicious, as we sat and looked out at the passing ship.

Our salad starter in Anadolu Kavağı

Day two found us at the Grand Bazaar, another iconic Istanbul tourist mecca. Here, John managed to haggle with the vendors, until they were nearly on their knees, and managed to secure some good bargains.

Rachel, looking at some colourful scarves

 John, in the middle of haggling; unfortunately, the vendor didn't want his photo taken.

John was quite taken by the impressive array of watches!

...hmmm, aviator sunglasses, will I ...won't I?

...too much choice!

From the Bazaar, we walked down the narrow streets, full of little shops, until we reached the Bosphorus and stopped for tea.

John chose this delectable treat, a mosaic cake 

...and Rachel chose this scrummy-looking strawberry tart.

We finished the day by walking over the Galata Bridge, where the local fishermen catch whatever fish is in season. At the moment it looks like Hamsi, the European Anchovy. The fishermen were casting multiple hooks, which they dangled in the water, and then hauled in  8 or 10 of the little creatures at a time.

On John and Rachel's last day, they set off alone, with a few written phrases in Turkish, to visit the Hagia Sophia, and return to the Grand Bazaar. Fortunately, they returned to us safe and sound, and we were able to enjoy our final dinner together before their early departure the next day.

Rachel chose Turkish-style fish and chips...

...John chose a rather delicious-looking curry and rice

We had fun, and hope John and Rachel did too, as we would love to have them back again/


  1. I have absolutely loved reading your blog Liz! You have captured our time in Istanbul perfectly. I can't thank you both enough for a fantastic few days. Hope you are both well, love Rachel x

    1. It was our pleasure, Rachel. We loved having you and John here, and we look forward to your next visit! We will be seeing you soon, at Catherine's wedding in Manchester! xx


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