Red Bull Flugtag 2013, Istanbul Part 1

Advertising the Red Bull Flugtag

Tomorrow, the 26th of May, is when the Red Bull Flugtag will take place once again here in Istanbul. I so enjoyed the last one, that I will be down on the promenade tomorrow, watching as craft after craft plunges into the sea. We always hope that one will actually fly, but that is seldom the case (if ever)!

Today, we went to watch as the planes were being assembled. I didn't see my Kamikaze Pilot there from last time; I wonder if he is taking part again? For anyone interested in the rules, there is a fun video that explains them, while past would-be fliers try their luck!

We were amused at some of the signs. This one says
100% hand made

...and this one says, Look out! The pilot is concentrating!

This bird looks rather fierce! I hope to see it fly tomorrow!

This looks rather flimsy! But it just might do the trick!

I'm not quite sure how this green man fits in.
I'll just have to wait until tomorrow!

They built this tower with what looks like a foofy slide attached.

Here they are building the launch platform. Tomorrow
promises to be such fun!

These cars have been driving around the city, to
advertise tomorrow's event.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? We will know tomorrow!

I am so looking forward to a fun day at the Red Bull Flugtag tomorrow. By the way, I have an update to my last Flugtag blog. The world record now stands at 207 feet, that's  63.09 metres. You can see Major Trouble and the Dirty Dixies as they shatter the world record in this video! Can we beat this tomorrow? Oh, how I hope we can!

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