Red Bull Flugtag 2013, Istanbul. Part 2

The Launch Platform for the Red Bull Flugtag 2013, Istanbul
Thanks to my membership of the ITWPA (International Travel Writers and Photographers Association), and a rather recalcitrant gate guard, I was able to get a rather privileged view of the Red Bull Flugtag 2013, Istanbul. I had stationed myself behind a wall, next to a gate overlooking the launch platform, when the guard told me to move on.

I showed him my ITWPA journalists tag, (which I had slung around my neck as an afterthought as I left the house) but he was unimpressed. I appealed to an official-looking person walking by, who, on inspecting my badge, asked, "Wouldn't you rather photograph from over there?", pointing to a boat moored opposite the launch pad. How could I refuse? That is how I found myself on the Red Bull Hospitality boat, among serious-looking press photographers and news crews!

Red Bull Hospitality Boat

Slightly intimidated by the enormously long lenses that stretched out around me, I fiddled with my camera settings, then zoomed out my 24-105mm kit lens as far as it would go. (Note to self, "Must earn enough money to afford more lenses!) Although I felt like a minnow among sharks, I was treated the same as all the other photographers, as we were fed and watered throughout the day. What more could I want? I had free food and drinks, a great view, and the perfect position to photograph the attempts to fly from the launching platform. When I looked at the thousands of people thronging the shore, I felt very privileged.

Some entertainment to begin with

The entertainment began with a man on water stilts, a jet stream of water propelled him up. He came so close to our boat, that he was able to grab a can of Red Bull as he came past! "Look up at the sky!", came the announcement, and as we look up a helicopter came into view. Sky divers suddenly burst out into the sky, then drifted down above us. The crowd roared their appreciation as each one neatly landed on the launch platform.

A Daredevil skydiver

This one trailed smoke!

They landed safely on the platform

Now we were ready for the fun we had come to see. I could see an amazing assortment of flying craft lined up on the quay, ready to go.

Migros had a shopping trolly, and some green rabbits!

The first attempt was made by the Migros supermarkets group. Their craft featured a shopping trolly, supported by some green rabbits. The pilot climbed aboard, and the rabbits pushed the craft to the edge of the platform...

...epic fail!

Some spectators took to the skies for a better view!

This contraption looked rather more possible. It's a bird, but
can it fly?

No, obviously not...

...but it did float!

Going down! I think there is a design fault here!

Everyone was having so much fun, but not much success with achieving flight! there was one amazing success, though, which I will reveal in Part 3!

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