Red Bull Flugtag 2013, Istanbul. Part 3

A flying camera?

I think the intention here was to fly the plane off the top of the camera. Unfortunately, it ended in a catastrophic failure..


It didn't even make it to the edge of the platform, as it toppled sideways. Fortunately, the pilot was rescued, and limped off, supported by her colleagues.

An Angry Bird with wings?

A ferocious-looking Angry Bird came next; ready to be catapulted off the platform. We all held our breath. Could he fly?


Everyone cheered when the Angry Bird fell into the water, and the wings stayed up, with the pilot still aboard. Although, in his enthusiasm, one of the assistants fell off the edge of the platform and plunged into the water!

The noise from the crowd was deafening, as the pilot continued to fly his craft..

...until he finally set down, gently in the water.

This didn't equal the world record, but we we all ecstatic at the Angry Bird's success!

The next contestant sets off.

This next craft looked really promising. Were we going to see another success? Could we see the world record beaten in Istanbul? We waited with bated breath...

...Oh, no! The left wing began to come apart!

...and he crashed into the water.

Everyone was really disappointed. We had high hopes for this one, but it wasn't to be. The left wing totally collapsed. I think they needed stronger glue!

The Red Bull Flutag may be coming to city near you this summer. It is going to the following countries: US, Sweden, Serbia, Ukraine, Canada and Russia. Try to watch if you can. It is such fun!

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