A Luta Continua in Istanbul, Turkey

The protesters carry a huge flag, bearing the image of Kemal Ataturk

 The Flag of the Young Turks

The protests continue in Turkey. Here, in Bagdat Caddesi, there have been demonstrations every evening for a week. Today, there was the biggest demonstration we have seen, and this is after the Prime Minister ordered people to stop. The protest seem to be led by the Genc Parti, or Young Party, founded by Cem Uzan, as I see many people carrying their flags. Although not everyone demonstrating is young, the majority of them appear to be. Every sector of society is represented, from babies in pushchairs to the elderly, all want change. the most popular chant being, "Erdogan resign!"

The protesters have managed to close down Starbucks. They are angry because this coffee
chain was giving free food and drinks to the police, and closed their doors
when protesters were trying to escape the tear gas.

"Every Day I'm Chapuling!"

 That's the new expression, here in Turkey. It came about when the Prime Minister accused the protesters of being looters" and "extremists". The word he used was "çapul", which has various meanings, like loot, pillage; rage; plunder, spoil and maraud, among others.

This says, "We are looting, everywhere there is Taksim, everywhere protests. Tayip resign!"

In fact, the majority of protesters are doing nothing of the kind. The violence is only in a small area, everywhere else, people are protesting by parading down the road, waving flags, blowing whistles, banging cooking pots, and chanting slogans. There is a fun YouTube video showing people "chapuling"! See it here.

 Patriotic flags on sale in our street

What would Health and Safety say about this? That car was driving down the road!

Not sure what Justin Bieber has to do with the protests!
Actually, this is a play on words. Biber is the Turkish word for pepper,
and refers to the pepper spray used by police!

Here the protesters are booing, because this restaurant was another one
that shut its doors against desperate people fleeing tear gas. 

So where is all this going? I have no idea. We will just have to wait and see.

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