Becca and Amy Visit Istanbul

Amy and Becca

We were delighted to have Becca and her friend Amy to stay with us in Istanbul. Although there were demonstrations against the government all over this great city while they were here, we managed to travel around undisturbed to see the sights.

We sailed down the Bosphorus...

 ...crossed from Asia to Europe and back on the ferries

...marvelled at the Turkish delight and baklava

...puzzled over Turkish menus

 ...visited the Grand Bazaar. 

 ...climbed to the roof of the Buyuk Valide Han

...photographed the view

...and visited Buyukada, one of the Princes islands.

Becca and Amy leave on their tour of the island.

Becca and Amy also managed to find their way to the Hagia Sophia by themselves, with some Turkish phrases written down to enable them to negotiate the transport.

On their last day, David took them to see Taksim Square and Gezi Park, so they could see for themselves what the fuss is all about. That was the day before Becca's birthday, so we took them out to a local restaurant in celebration.

 Becca was surprised when "Happy Birthday to you" rang out over the sound system.

...and silver confetti rained from above, as the waiters brought her a candle to blow out.
That dessert looks delicious too!

Now Becca and Amy are enjoying their tour of Europe. We hope they are having a wonderful time, and we are looking forward to meeting up with them in Italy next week.


  1. Hi Elizabeth! Sorry I am a bit late in coming by your lovely blog ... what I particularly like about this post is that you make it very clear that there has not been any violence and that visitors to the city can continue as usual. This is a peaceful protest and all in the name of democracy!

  2. I agree with you, Claudia. In fact, there has only been the occasion problem in a tiny part of Istanbul. Everywhere else, people are going about their every day lives; and, were it not for TV and social media, we wouldn't have any idea there was anything going on!


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