Istanbul now!

Protesters wave the Turkish flag as they drive down Bagdat Caddesi

From our vantage point on our balcony, overlooking Bagdat Caddesi, we watch, as ordinary Turkish people protest. The noise is deafening, as every passing car continually sounds its horn. As I write this, it is two in the afternoon, but we suffered this noise throughout the night, until four thirty this morning. In the early hours of today, thousands of marchers waving flags and chanting, marched down our street, not once, but four times!

 Amazingly, I haven't seen anyone fall out of a car ...yet!

This all started out as a peaceful demonstration to prevent the park by Taksim Square being bulldozed, so that a shopping mall could be built over it. Unfortunately, the police response was unnecessarily brutal, as they sprayed the demonstrators with tear gas and water cannons. The result is that this has now escalated into an anti government protest.

Demonstrators in Bagdat Caddesi this afternoon

It seems that the people are tired of an authoritarian government that takes no notice of them and their needs, but forces through its own agenda without reference to its citizens. We are mere bystanders throughout this, as it is not our fight.

However, I will try to update any further incidences happening outside our door. Meanwhile, we are being deafened, as the protests continue...

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