30 Day Blog Challenge, Day 8


Woohoo! I won a prize!

It's Day 8 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge, and we've been given a day off from blogging. But I can't let it pass without telling you about my small success.

This is what Natalie of The Suitcase Entrepreneur wrote on her blog today.

Welcome to the new world of digital nomads!

Yep it’s time to celebrate your progress so far and welcome you to my world.

It’s been amazing to look all the blog posts being written for this 30 Day Blog Challenge (which I link to at the end of each daily post).

Congratulations to these winners:


I’d like to personally congratulate the following three people who really wrote some compelling and thought provoking posts consistently all week.

    Dharmesh Barot
    Elizabeth Coughlan
    Kirk Sylvester

You’ve each won a digital version of the The Suitcase Entrepreneur book to read alongside this 30 Day Challenge where the core messages have come from!

How wonderful is that? Thank you, Natalie!

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