30 Day Blog Challenge, Day 24

One of my most favourite beaches in the world is the Koekohe Beach in New Zealand. 
It is the home of the mysterious Moeraki Boulders.

I can't believe we are already on to day 24 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge. Our topic today is, "Where in the World Should You Travel, and What Should You Prepare For? Our blog question is, "What are your travel essentials for your chosen destination(s)?"

We were given the opportunity to answer in one of two ways: either list out the actual physical packing list of your most essential items you couldn't live without, or you could focus on the destination, and the essential elements you’d want it to have (like history, sunshine, etc.)

My Ultimate Destination.

I do have a vision of my ultimate decision in life. I would like to live in a apartment by the sea, with a swimming pool and gymnasium in the complex. Why an apartment, and not a villa or a house? Because, in an apartment, you can always lock up and go whenever the fancy takes you. No matter how old or infirm I will be, my instinct to travel will never leave me. A house would seem too permanent, too much responsibility.

The sea coast must be wild, and empty, with long, hot summers, and clean, vibrant air. And the sea, crystal clear, gently lapping the shore in summer, but with wild, lashing waves in winter. It would have to be near enough to civilization to have cutting edge WiFi connection, as I couldn't be without the Internet, but far enough away to deter too many day trippers.

I am working hard on making my dream a reality, and, given the direction my chidren seem to be gravitating, it is most likely to be in Australia.

30 day challenge

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