The 30 Day Blog Challenge, Day 26

When changing hemispheres, I can move from a bright, hot sunny day 
to this, in the space of  10 hours

The theme of today's 30 Day Blog Challenge, is "How to Pack Like an Expert and Adapt to a  Minimalist Lifestyle". So the question is "Could you live a minimalist lifestyle? Why or why not? OR What does minimalism mean to you in the context of your ideal lifestyle?

Our lifestyle is very minimalist, having given away most of everything we own, apart from a few precious personal items in storage. So I am used to moving around with the least possible possessions. My packing, however, is still not perfect.

I travel regularly, every year, and have done for most of my life. But I am still looking for that perfect set of travel items. I am constantly seeking non-wrinkle clothing, that serves multiple purposes, and the best way to carry my camera and all my equipment. Yes, I have the added burden of camera, lenses, and a tripod when I move from one place to another. At the moment, my camera, computer, Kindle, and all the paraphernalia associated with them, go in a wheelie cabin bag. And everything else packs into my trusty Eastpack Tranverz holdall, with its two separately zipped compartments

One aspect of packing for travel that I find very difficult to cope with is moving from one hemisphere to another, which I do regularly. When I am in summer, I find it almost impossible to imagine the cold of winter, and vice versa. I am forever under or over packing for my destination. In the space of only 10 hours, I can move from stifling heat to freezing temperatures. I have done this so often that you would think I would have cracked it by now. I know layers are the answer, but which layers?

I am searching for some lightweight, thermal underwear that doesn't have special care, but is suitable for arctic conditions. If you have any suggestions, I would be eternally grateful. I do, however think that a lightweight cashmere sweater would be invaluable, and I am currently going to add that to my wardrobe.

30 day challenge

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