October 29 2013, Turkish Republic Day

The Bosphorus Bridge on Republic Day

October 29 is Republic Day in Turkey. It commemorates the formation of the Turkish Republic in 1923 by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. Every year there are celebrations, but this year was extra special as it marked 90 years since that memorable day.

We went to a restaurant on the banks of the Bosphorus, with friends, to watch the spectacular display of fireworks on the Bosphorus Bridge. We were not disappointed!

The celebrations began with lasers sweeping the sky, as the lights on the bridge changed into different colours.

Then the fireworks began with a waterfall of fire from the bridge, 
accompanied by an explosion of brilliantly coloured fireworks above.

Suddenly, along the Bosphorus, between the bridge and the Maiden's Tower, 
small boats sent exploding balls of fire  into the air, lighting up the sky above us..

Then the whole sky turned red, as smoke and showers of sparks lit the sky.

Everyone cheered, as stars and crescents appeared through the smoke, 
to represent Turkey's flag.

Then came a burst of thunderous activity, as the whole sky seemed filled 
with the final burst of light and noise.

All this, followed by a delightful meal in good company, completed a very happy day.


  1. Elizabeth, what amazing photographs! Fireworks are very hard to capture but you have done an amazing job!! Fantastic! It was indeed an amazing day with a fabulous grand finale xxx

  2. Thanks, Claudia. It was a magnificent show, wasn't it!

  3. oops! I missed another beautiful time in Istanbul. Great shots, beautiful photographs and fine remarks on the big day. Looks like it was lots of fun. Jerry Newsome

  4. We wish you could have been here too, Jerry. We could have practiced taking photos of fireworks together! Lots of fun!


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