Tricia and Tim's Chinese Wedding


Tricia and Tim thoroughly enjoyed their Chinese Wedding

A few days after their church wedding, Tricia and Tim had their Chinese Wedding. What fun we had, and what an amazing experience for those of us who were seeing this for the first time.

The guests arrived first, and assembled outside the venue, ready to welcome them.

Tricia and Tim arriving for their Chinese Wedding

Two Chinese Dragons were there to meet them, and escort them into the venue

Once inside, they were able to greet their guests

Tricia was then hidden behind a screen, and Tim had to go through a series of tests
to show that he was worthy of his beautiful bride

In the first test, Tim has to eat sweets that were strung around his brother,
without touching them with his hands

In the second test, he had to knock pingpong balls out of his groomsmen's mouths

...then Tim had to declare his undying love for Tricia, and beg the girls to let her out.

Tim was great, and managed all his tasks so well, that he was reunited with his bride, and the wedding commenced.

The dragons visited every table during the magnificent 14 course meal

...including that of the bride and groom

The dragons' reward for all their work, was a lettuce.

To everyone's surprise, flames shot up from the table, as the dragon lifted the lettuce


One of the dragon's handed a scroll to Tim

Which he unrolled, in front of Margy, Bernard, Annie, and James
(I'm not sure what it said)

Next came the Tea Ceremony. Tim and Tricia had to offer tea to all their relatives. This is a most sacred ritual in a Chinese wedding. It is the bride’s symbolic introduction to the groom’s family. 

The first to receive the tea, were Tim's grandmothers, as the oldest,
and most important in the family

All the family present at the wedding were served tea, finishing with the married brothers and sisters of the bride and groom.

Even I received tea during the ceremony, being an aunt of the bride!

The tea ceremony over, the wedding party went from table to table to raise a toast all the guests, with a very rare, and expensive, brandy!


We ended with not just one, but the cutting of three cakes!

We all had such fun. What a night to remember! Thank you James and Annie for organising everything so well. I wouldn't have missed this for anything!


  1. Nice story. great photography. wonderful information on what was going on. loved it. Thanks. Enjoyed it.

    1. Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed the post. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening!

  2. An exotic wedding indeed and your pictures capture the spirit of it beautifully! Very interesting too! What a lovely couple they make!

    1. Thank you, Claudia. It was an amazing experience, and great fun, They are indeed a lovely couple, and I'm sure they are going to be very happy!


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