Enjoying the Australian Countryside

A view from Suzi's house

I am presently in Australia visiting my daughter, Suzi, and her family, who have moved into a new area near Stroud, a small country town one hour north of Newcastle.

The landscape is looking rather dry

They are on a cattle station, surrounded by gorgeous views of gently undulating hills, and forests of indiginous trees. Unfortunately, they desperately need rain, so the landscape is rather dry. Fortunately, we are expecting rain in the next few days, so the vegetation should green up again soon.

Another beautiful view

I have been trying to take photos of Katelyn and her new brother, Brandyn. But, although Katelyn is a great model, her brother, at three weeks, is not always so cooperative!

Katelyn and her dog, Tinker

However, I eventually managed to catch Brandyn napping. So sweet!


  1. I love your photos of the countryside, dry though it is, Elizabeth! And your little grandchildren are just adorable!! Looks as though you're having a grand time xx

  2. Thanks, Claudia. Since then we have had almost non-stop rain, so things should be greening up again soon.


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