Beykoz glass Factory, Istanbul

Glass bead making in Cam Ocağı Vakfı (Glass Factory Foundation)

There is always something interesting to photograph in Istanbul. This week, our photography club visited the Bekoz Glass Furnace. This is an international glass center in the Black Sea Region, to the north of Istanbul on the Asian side. Originally formed as a studio for local artists, the Beykoz Glass Furnace has become an international learning center, and a meeting place for glass artists from all over the world. Here, students can learn various glass techniques in the many workshops. while visitors can watch glass production, and shop for hand-made pieces.

There was a fascinating display of glass art for us to photograph...

...with beautiful patterns

...and delicately made pieces

We saw the tools of the glass maker...

...and watched as glass was shaped

...and blown

We also looked into the workrooms where students practice making glass beads...

...like these beads

I found some of the finished textures quite beautiful...

...as well as some of the finished articles

This was a very successful expedition, and I am looking forward to next week's visit to the charcoal makers of Istanbul. We are so lucky to be living in this fascinating city!


  1. Can I ask the name of your photography club in Istanbul? I would love to join one. Unfortunately, all my friends have different hobbies but it would be great to meet a novice photographer like myself in Istanbul

    1. It is called the Photo Club of Istanbul, and everyone is welcome. To become a member of the Photo Club, please write to photoclubofistanbul@gmail.com for an application form. See you there?

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  3. I am looking for a quality but affordable glass supplier

    1. You could try contacting the Beykoz Glass Factory for information at https://www.camocagi.org/en


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