Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

We stayed in Estes Park, nestled in a valley of the Rocky Mountains

On a whim, Juliana and I decided to drive up to the Rocky Mountain National park. We stayed in Estes Park. Unfortunately, our visit was too early for the summer hiking season, and too late for the snow shoeing and skiing season, so the town was pretty dead. We had intended to stay up in the park for two days, but it was so cold, that we came down after just one night there.

We drove through the most stunning scenery

We did manage a drive in the park itself, however, even though many of the high passes were closed due to snow. The views from the park are spectacular and, apparently, it is home to a variety of wildlife, although we only saw elk, hundreds of them! Among those we didn't see are bighorn sheep, black bear, mountain lion, mule deer, and moose, although we were happy not to come across the black bear or mountain lion!

We saw elk grazing beside the road...

...and tree-covered mountains rising up from the plains

More elk in the woods...

...and beautiful vistas

I would definitely like to go back in summer.

by Elizabeth Coughlan


  1. Beautiful photos but it does look cold.

    1. It was cold, Belle. And we hadn't chosen the best place to stay. We were even freezing in our beds that night!


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