The 2014 Ultimate Money-Making Photography Workshop, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Day 1

Sunrise over Santa Fe

April was a particularly busy month for me, as I attended The Ultimate Money-Making Photography Workshop in Santa Fe, New Mexico. My first stop was Denver, where I stayed with my wonderful friends, Efrain and Cathy Padró of Padró Images, before moving on to Santa Fe.

Having fun photographing the sunrise in our pj's!

In addition to showing us how to make money with our photography, this workshop was also about having fun and learning to play. This helped us to get to know our fellow attendees, to relax, and enjoy one another's company.

Here we are constructing our fort (one of our play tasks)

The talk on Photo Booths, and our subsequent experimentation is also testament to that. If you look carefully at the photos in this link, you will see me having more fun!

My main reason for attending this workshop, was to learn about making and editing travel videos, and I wasn't disappointed. I loved Tom Reissmann's presentation on the first day of lectures, and looked forward to his extra one-day video workshop. But more of that in another post. Here is Lori Allen's take on our first day. 

This shop is still going after 400 years!

Santa Fe itself was amazing, even though I suffered from a horrible allergic reaction to the blossoming juniper trees that festoon the city. It is full of quaint shops, wonderful art and culture, and lots of quirky, but lovely, people. Santa Fe is quite unique!

This is the Santa Fe burro...

...but this is a faster way of getting around!

by Elizabeth Coughlan


  1. That second photo is absolutely surreal - worthy of Salvador Dali - and the light is wonderful! Great capture :-)


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